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My Star Trek Alien Data Base!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Breen- The Breen Species are a war like race that exist in a cold enviroment. Their ships are of organic design. Maximum speed and weapons are unknown (until I get more information). Exicutions do take place among their people when women have offspring before the age of fourty, and certain crimes.

Maquis- The Maquis are a terrorist group that origionated by Federation colonists in the Demilitarized Zone. They were against the Cardassian/Federation Peace Treaty of 2367. They have weapons ranging from gala class phaser banks, to cloaks that were provided by the Klingon Empire. Most of the weapons, and materials that they have are smuggled or bought by different parties such as the Lasepians or from spies in the Federation itself. All Maquis were wiped out by Dominion Forces when Cardassian joined in 2373. Federation Securiy was compromised for at least five years due to the Maquis!

Voth- The Voth origionated on Earth during the prehistoric era. They left the planet to escaped extinction after they developed space faring technology. They have been living in the Delta Quadrent for the past 500 million years or so. Their ships have transwarp velosity, cloaks that throw individuals, and ships out of space time, and high intensity transporters. Species are believed to be decendants of the Hadrosaur that lived during the critasious era, and was the highest evolved species at the time.

Trabe- The Trabe live in the Delta Quadrent. They shared their home world with the Kazon about fifty years ago. according to kazon records, the Trabe had everything, the Kazon had barely anything to live on. Now they are blood enimies determined to destroy each other. All trabe ships are of Kazon design. Ship were believed to be stolen of captured. An attempt was made to wipe out leaders of all of the Kazon Sects two years ago but failed.

Borg- The Borg origionated in the Delta Quendrent. Little in known about the specie(s)!!! They have been assimilating species all over the Delta Quadrent and throughout the galaxy for thousands of centuries. They are considered a mortal enemy by the Federation. Attempts have been made to assimilate or destroy the human race. One first attempt resulted in the Masicre at Wolf359, and the second attempt failed when they tried to stop first contact. They have transwarp capabilities, high intensity lasers, and torpedoes (classification unknown).

Kazon- The Kazon is another war like race living in the Delta Quadrent. Their mother ships, are about the size of a Galaxy Class Starship (may be larger). They also have small raiders, and fighters that have a maximum speed of warp four. Their weapons consist of normal phasers, and torpedoes, and standard shields. This race is less developed. Transporters, holograms, nor replicators are apart of their technology. They shared their homeworld with the Trabe but rebelled. Now the Kazon, have split up into at least two dozen sects (or factions), including the Nistrim Sect, Ogla Sect, Vilora Sect, and Hobi.

Hirogen- The Hirogen are an extremely dangerous species of the Delta Quadrent. Their ships are armored by monotanium hull plating, and have superior weapons. For the past thousand years they have been hunting species through out the galaxy due to ritual, and religious beliefs. The Hirogen have traveled great distances to find, and hunt new prey. They are an estimated ten feet tall, and are imune to some diseases, and medicines are rejected by the imune system. They do not have transporter, or holographic technology (like most species in that part of the galaxy). Reflexes suchs are eyes, legs, and arm moment are superior, but do not move to fast when it comes to running, or pursuing prey. They also have communication relay stations that extend all the way to the Alpha Quadrent. In 2374 all of them were disabled due to the collasp of the signals being relayed because of one stations quantum singualrity (or black hole) was release to scatter and disable the signal.

Species 8472- Actual name of this species is unknown. "Species 8472" was a name given to them by the Borg. Their ships are of organic design, and have high intensity partical beam weapons capable of destroying entire planets. Their origion is from another demension which is known as "fluidic space." They invaded the Delta Quadrent in 2373. They begun a war against the Borg collective. They terminated millions of ''drones,'' and destroyed hundreds of worlds. Their ship are apervious to all technology, and they are incapable of being assimilated as well as the species itself. They are believed to be at the apex of boilogical evolution. The species can not be harmed by any known weapon besides Borg Nano Probes. After several ships were destroyed by Voyager they decided to withdraw beck to their own demension!!!

Others Will Be Added Later!!!