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These Are These Worst Battles I Have Ever Seen (#1 Worst)

At the begging of the Dominion War, about 10 fleets of Starships were
sent to fight the Dominion (stinks). The 7th fleet had the worst battle
resulting in the biggest waste of ships I ever heard of. 112 ships was
in the battle, and only 14 came back. I don't know how many ships the 
Dominion had in the battle but the 7th Fleet overall had the worst 
performance I have ever seen. And now they are busy trying to retake Betazed
from the Dominion. Why don't the rest of them get wiped out and be done with
it already.

About 8 months into the Dominion War, the Valiant, a missing Defiant class 
destroyer filled with 'cadets' decided to go against a new Dominion Warship 
that was twice the size of a Galaxy Class Starship, and three times as strong.
And it was about 100 times larger than the Valiant. They thought they could destroy
the ship but all they did was blow the superstructure (some armor) off.
Then after the huge explosion that was suppose to destroy the ship went
away, it came back firing faster than ever killing the crew and destroying the ship.
The only ones to escape were Nog, Jake Sisko and some other woman. What
a coinsedence. The captain (Waters) was was a crackhead that was hooked
on courtrasine stimulants for months was probably the worst captain I ever
saw. The first officer was suspicious of everone. And the helmsman with
the humongous underbite blindly followed any order so he wouldn't get into trouble,
and repeated the captains commands word by word every time. What idiots
they were (no offense to the Valiants crew)!!!

more will be added later...
this site is deticated to the idiots of The United Federation Of Planets!!!